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Banded Sea Krait

BANDED SEA KRAIT ( Laticauda colubrina ) Image modified from wikipedia. Original photograph by Bernard Dupont The banded sea krait is a type of sea snake - I'm not 100% clear on what the difference between a snake and a krait is, if there is one - that lives in tropical climes and has a somewhat unfounded reputation for being deadly to people. I think they're neat because they look like a pair of socks I own. Appearance Sea kraits are super weird because, unlike regular snakes which hunt on the land, they hunt on the sea. To do this with any degree of success, they have to have a whole bunch of adaptations for functioning underwater. Probably the most striking is their paddle shaped tail which they use to swim quickly through the water. But, because they mate and shit on land, they have to still be adapted to move through the dirt. So they are creatures of two worlds, like Aquaman. The banded sea krait specifically hunts around the coral reefs in the Indo Pacific,