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Basking Shark

BASKING SHARK ( Cetorhinus maximus ) Image adapted from wikipedia Original image by Greg Skomal / NOAA Fisheries Service Basking sharks are basically big whales, if whales were actually fish. Like every living human on this earth with a lick of sense, I love sharks, but I'll be honest with you, I'm real tired right now. So this is going to be a very special zoological review where instead of pitting some unsuspecting animal against my unrelenting scrutiny, I'm going to pit my exhaustion against my excitement to talk about sharks. Let's see what comes out on top. Appearance Basking sharks are really big and have giganto mouths that inspire google search prompts like "can a basking shark eat a human?" The short answer to that question is "no," and I'll get into why they have such big mouths that they don't use for eating big stuff in a bit. They are the second largest shark species, and also the second largest fish in the sea, bot